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5 star moscow HOSTEL

Buddy Bear Hostel “5 star hostel”-hotelier magazine
“Luxury type accommodation for the hostel price”- Moscow times magazine
If you are sick of overpriced hotels, where you have to pay ridiculous money for everything or if you are sick of dirt cheap hostels, where you do pay small money, but you get stinky, smelly kitchens, dirty bathrooms or toilets and strange snoring roommates. We thought it would be great to unite some of good things from 5 star hotels and cheapest hostels and escape from bad ones. Then we opened up Buddy Bear Hostel Moscow.
We are located in the city center of Moscow on famous garden ring in a luxury new building, made for famous Russian pop stars and musicians. We offer luxury hostel dormitory rooms and 5 star hotel private rooms. We have free guest kitchen with a total area of 40 sq.m2, lobby with 2 newest pc, hooked up to the fast internet, huge Home cinema with 400 DVD’s in English, 3 comfortable leather sofas and tons of free magazines, newspapers, books, table games. WE have cheap guest sauna and Jacuzzi. We are the only hostel to have a bar, so you can buy amazingly cheap beer in our bar and then drink it in the sauna or Jacuzzi, sound good, right?
AS MOST OF THE HOSTELS HERE WE CAN RIGHT ALMOUST A BOOK ABOUT HOW GOOD WE ARE, but we are not going to do that, so please just look at the list of our services and decide to stay with us.
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Buddy Bear Hostel
str. Smolenskii boulevard 15, apartment 13.
Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7(499)2410616
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